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How to Comfort the Grieving: Click the “Like” Button

This is an interesting perspective on using facebook to enter another’s sorrow…

… those who might never talk in person about their grief will sometimes write about it on a blog or Facebook page. They are more comfortable sharing it that way and perhaps more comfortable receiving expressions of caring that way too.


5 Steps to Meditating on Your Bible

Not long ago, I asked my pastor about the difference between meditation and prayer, as the two can be hard to distinguish. He replied, “In Scripture, God speaks to us. In prayer, we speak to him. What he says to us prompts what we say to him.”

To meditate, then, is to think deeply about what God has said to us in Scripture and to prepare our minds and hearts for prayer. Scripture fuels meditation, and meditation fuels prayer.

But what exactly does meditation look like? The Psalms give at least five steps for meditating on God’s Word. We meditate to focus, understand, remember, worship, and apply.


Genesis – Free Course

I just signed up so I haven’t had a chance to look this over, but I am excited to.  It is a free online course on the book of Genesis from Dallas Theological Seminary:

Genesis is taught by Dr. James Allman, DTS professor of Old Testament Studies. We believe that the whole Bible, as Paul says in Timothy, is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness”. That’s why we’ve made this course, Genesis, free for the first time.


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