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A couple years ago I learned about Cru’s Soularium Cards from a leader in our mentoring program.  I ordered some, we used them,  and I have been telling everyone about them ever since!

It’s a simple idea that promotes powerful converstion – a set of 50 cards, each with a high-quality photo of a thought provoking image. There’s a huge variety in the images.


They come with a series of questions you can use to start a converstion, such as, “What 3 images describe your life right now,” and “What 3 images do you wish were a part of your life?” There are also questions regarding spiritual life, such as, “What image would you use to describe God?”

Soularium is designed to create a space for authentic dialogue with people about their life and spiritual journey. It’s perfect to use with students, neighbors, co-workers, friends and family – people of all ages!

We have used the lighter questions for our first meetings in our mentoring program and classes many times.  Throughout the year we have pulled them out again, asking deeper, spiritual questions. In January, our Women’s Ministry Board chose images that described something they wanted more of in their life in 2016.  I am hoping to pull them out at our next board meeting and see how we are doing.

There is something about explaining WHY an image represents their answer that opens up dialog, and people just share more.  They also seem to be more willing to talk about how they feel about something, and go deeper than ‘just the facts.’

We have also used them as a prayer concern prompt – having women chose an image that represented what they would like us to pray for them. This was really helpful for quieter women, who may have a hard time sharing a prayer request.

If you are looking for a great discussion starter try them out!  Let me know what you think, and how you used them in the comments!

Check out the cards here






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