“When Your Heart is on Fire, People Love to Watch it Burn”

...I felt myself growing encouraged, knowing that as good as video curriculum can be, growing local leaders who teach the Bible to their own community bring life and vitality and realness. It tells the woman at the bus stop that someone like her reads and believes the Bible. It tells the businesswoman that God’s Word has power in her life—it’s not reserved just for persuasive, professional communicators.

There has been a lot of discussion on the web lately about the importance of growing women Bible teachers in our own churches.  While we have many gifted women who create excellent mass market video studies for us to use, it is important that the women in our local churches are being developed, also.

I enjoyed this article by Nicole Unice, which gives some tips for teaching the Bible.  My favorite?  “Passion always reads,” or as John Wesley said, “When your heart is on fire, people love to watch it burn.”  Oh that my heart would always be on fire for the Word of God!

To read more:  How to Teach the Bible So Others Understand

Is your church developing women Bible teachers?  If so – I would love to hear what you are doing!

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