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A Framework for Choosing Bible Studies for Your Church


Planning for women in your church can be daunting.  So many people, so many options.  I have found it really helpful to start with a framework and then, after prayer, plug in appropriate studies.

The church I serve at can usually support several studies just for women, on top of our mentoring ministry and the parachurch that meets in our town.  In looking at what those studies we will offer should be, I try to include several types, which create my framework:


  • A foundational study.  This one teaches basic truths.  It can be joined anytime during the semester, and has little or no homework.  It is a great study for someone new to our church, or new to the faith.  I always want one study that is easy to jump into mid-stream for those who start attending church in the middle of a semester, and this is it.
  • A deep Bible study.  This is a more challenging class, with homework.  Often it is video based, a la Beth Moore. This class provides daily homework, which many women love. This one isn’t easy to jump into mid-semester. I prefer if this one actually walks through a book of the Bible.
  • A topical class.  This class is focused on a pertinent topic. I choose these based on what I am hearing a lot about from women in our class.  If a teacher mentions to me that several women in her class are struggling with depression, the next semester we may offer a class that focuses on that.  Other issues we have addressed are dealing with anxiety, suffering, self-discipline, discernment – you get the picture.  These are chosen based on what people are telling me they are seeing in our women, or what women are asking to have addressed.


What about you? How do you plan the studies you will offer? What are some of your favorite resources?