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5 Things We’ll Talk About At Our Next Board Meeting

Believe it or not, this is the time of year I start thinking about planning our calendar for next year in women’s ministries. Our board meets every other month, and I want to begin praying and thinking about it together, and give them time to think and pray further individually, before we come back together in November and finalize it.



A few pieces of the conversation we will have:

  • We’ll Pray. Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. We will ask God to show us what to address this year, how to use this unique opportunity to minister in His name.
  • We’ll discuss our church’s overall mission – Reproducing Faithful Followers of Christ. How are we making disciples? Each idea gets filtered through this. Does your church have a mission or vision statement? Keep it in the conversation.
  • We’ll keep our church’s core values in view  – Gospel, Truth, Prayer, Maturity, Relationships, Ministry, Outreach, Stewardship. How is this ministry called to address those in the upcoming year?  Where can we enter in and teach and encourage women in light of these core values? One thing I am going to suggest is a workshop teaching women how to study the Bible on their own, introducing them to a variety of resources. (Truth).   If your church doesn’t have core values, the above list is a pretty good one to use as you plan.  You don’t need (nor should you try) to hit every one each year.  Just pray about it, asking God what area has been neglected or should be addressed.
  • We’ll under-plan. There are so many great ways to serve both the church and the community that we don’t need to plan things just to have things to do.  Women are busy, and what we do must be meaningful.  We want to consider what will be happening in the whole church, then deciding what to offer for women’s ministries. We usually under-plan, in that we plan less, and leave white space on the calendar for things that may come up next year.
  • We’ll evaluate our fall event.  For the past several years we have had an event in the Fall that features a woman from our church telling a story of what God has done in a specific situation in her life, and what she has learned about God from that.  I think it is encouraging to see God at work among us.  The vulnerability the speaker shows also promotes an authentic openness for us all.  Each year, however, we evaluate if this should continue another year or not.  There can be no sacred cows.

There will be so many good ideas, and processing them through prayer and these points will help us to stay on mission with our church.  As we discuss, general themes often emerge, and we find that God brings us to some specific ways we can encourage and mature women.